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Welcome to our Outreach page! 

We hope to help our customers keep up-to-date with local happenings related to bike advocacy, our city's on-street bike infrastructure, and the awesome mountain bike trails we have in the Pikes Peak region.  Check back for weekly updates. 

For more information about how to volunteer or get involved with bicycling projects in our community contact:


Tis' the season to Give!

There are just a few more days to contribute to the Indy Give! campaign, a yearly effort to boost the finanical support for local non-profits doing good in our community.

There are many organizations that support our local cycling community and other social services which rely heavily on donor support. 

Please consider supporting one of these great causes at

You can Give! until Dec 31st at midnight. 


New Year! New Goals!

As the New Year gets started, perhaps you've made some goals for 2018.  If one of them is to get out and ride more, you've come to the right place!  In response to customer needs, we will be setting up an additional page under our Community header in addition to this Outreach page to keep our cycling friends up-to-speed on local clubs, group rides, and other ways to get out there on the road and trail.  Look for our Groups and Organizations page coming soon!

In the meantime, if you are taking advantage of the nice weather to get out on the road, please be aware of the following:

26th street alert

Colorado Springs senior bike planner Kate Brady states that the flashing light on 26th street southbound  to alert cars that cyclists are approaching (in the S-curves) was not working properly and is being replaced.  In the meantime, she urges cyclists and drivers to use extra caution when navigating this section of roadway.

Check back for updates on this alert and other roadways.


Healthy Places Southeast welcomes bike ride with Urban Land Institute

On a sunny day this week a group from the Urban Land Institute gathered near the Sand Creek library for a three mile bike ride to examine first-hand the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure needs of the area.  The workers from Urban Land Institute, a national group aimed at developing community resources, boarded bikes provided by Criterium Bicycles and were led by Bike Colorado Springs chairs Allen Beauchamp and Stephanie Surch, along with El Paso county Healthy Environment planner Aubrey Day.  We examined the needs for better connections on existing paths, improved road crossings, and the necessities of walkable/ rideable corridors near busy roads.  Healthy Places Southeast Colorado Springs is an initiative sponsored by El Paso County Public Health and the Colorado Health Foundation.  For more information on this project and others, check back for updates or email 


Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan update

The Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan continues to move through the channels of the city.  This week Senior Bicycle Planner Kate Brady presented the plan to Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Board.  The board also heard support for the plan from community members and Bike Colorado Springs representatives.  The plan will be presented to the Planning Commission in February and will come to City Council in March or April.  For more information on the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan, visit


Save the Date - Colorado Springs 3rd annual Bike Swap!

Kids on Bikes, a local non-profit whose goal is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of riding bikes, has partnered with local organizers to sponsor the 3rd annual Colorado Springs Bike Swap.  Join us on Saturday April 14th from 11am-3pm at Soccer Haus (4845 List Drive).  Rustle up your old gear, clean out the garage and set up a table to sell your wares ($10 or $20). Or bring them to the event to donate!  The Kids on Bikes staff will be on hand to collect your unwanted gear. 

To set up a table, register at CS Bike Swap 2018

Questions: contact Gabe at

Facebook: CS Bike Swap 2018

For more information about Kids on Bikes and their programs visit or stop by to visit the Pedal Station and Mountain Equipment Recyclers at 1026 S. Tejon St


Downtown Partnership hosts City Center Speaker Series

The Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs in collaboration with Colorado College hosted acclaimed urban planner Brett Toderian on Weds Jan 24th.  Toderian, who hails from Vancouver, spoke to the importance of creating a multi-modal transportation system with improved bike infrastructure and transit.  Both community members and city leaders were in attendance to hear Toderian address these common aspects in creating healthier, more livable communities. 

Toderian was the first in the City Center speaker series, with two more events scheduled in February and April.

For more information on the city's bike plans for the downtown area and the City Center speaker series visit


Cottonwood Creek trail and bridge information session

With improvements to the Cottonwood Creek trail and the Academy intersection/ bridge scheduled to start this February, the city will be hosting an information session on Tuesday January 30th from 5:30-8pm.  The information session will take place at Fire Station 14 1875 Dublin Road Co Springs 80918


Bike Share is coming to Colorado Springs!

This coming May 2018 Colorado Springs will welcome phase one of PikeRide, a bike share program aimed at increasing health and decreasing traffic congestion.  With 206 bikes getting ready to roll out, the initial program will cover the greater downtown area (Legacy Loop area) with phase two set to expand west towards Manitou and Garden of the Gods in 2019.

What exactly is bikeshare??

Bikeshare is an easy-to-use and convenient way to make short trips on bicycles designed for everyone! The bikes themselves are 8-speed urban bikes, sturdy in construction, and suitable for most adult riders, regardless of height.  They are designed to be easy to operate, so that even a novice cyclist will feel comfortable riding a bikeshare bike.

The program will include opportunties to buy month-long, yearly, or just day use/hourly passes to utilize the bikes.  They can be easily checked-out at numerous stations by scanning a card or mobile app.  Once checked out, they can be returned anywhere in their catchment area (downtown perimeter), making even one-way trips convenient.  

To increase multi-modal transportation options, the 26 stations will also be placed near transit routes in addition to being placed near other downtown amenities and attractions.  The program will also offer a low-cost pass for low-income individuals.

Look out for the bright purple PikeRide bikes on the streets of downtown this spring!

For more information, check out

Healthy Places Southeast  initiatives move forward

Efforts to improve the overall community health and wellness of the Southeast Colorado Springs area continued to move forward this week.  Silver Key senior services center hosted community partners and residents in an input session that outlined the suggestions made by Urban Land Institute earlier this month.

Many community groups - including Kids on Bikes, the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, the Citizens Transportation Advisory Board. Parks and Rec, Community of Neighborhoods and Organizations, and Bike Colorado Springs participated to weigh in on ways to improve transportation infrastructure (including increasing bicycle infrastructure) and services in the area. City Council representative Yolanda Avila was also in attendance.

Leaders, local residents and groups alike welcomed the intention of the project to implement quickly atainable  short-term goals within a long-term vision.  The meeting was facilitated by Aubrey Day and is a project of El Paso county public health and the Colorado Health Foundation.  

With many projects already underway through non-profit groups in the area, volunteers are always welcome.  Email for more information on how you can get involved. 


Join Us on Feb 9th for Winter Bike to Work Day!!

Though we haven't seen too much snow here in the Pikes Peak region, we can't deny that early morning temps still confirm that it's winter!

This Friday we celebrate our morning bike commuters who bundle up and pedal to their jobs, even in winter.  Join us on your way to work next Friday February 9th from 7am to 9am.  We'll open the shop early and have some hot coffee and round carbohydrates in the form of bagels or donuts for all to enjoy.

All participants will also be entered in a drawing to win some cool commute gear.  

Throw on a jacket, and challenge your co-workers to pedal to work next Friday!

And, if you're heading towards or coming from the downtown/ Colorado College area, stop by the Popsicle Bridge (on the Pikes Peak Greenway near Beacon Street) and visit our friends from Kids on Bikes at their Winter Bike to Work Day station as well.  


Citizen's Transportation Advisory Board (CTAB) hears Old North End roadway discussion

The CTAB heard discussion on many points related to the proposed roadway changes in the Old North End and Colorado College area.  Kathleen Krager, director of traffic engineering, outlined the plan for the CTAB board and citizen audience.  The plan, targeted to improve safety and slow traffic in the area, includes the reduction of lanes on Cascade, Weber and Fontanero streets from the current four lanes to two lanes.  When the roadways are safety-sized to two lanes as part of ongoing repaving projects in the coming years, they will also be restriped to include bike lanes.

Resident concerns centered primarily around traffic congestion, particularly along parallel roads.  Some were concerned that the reduction of lanes would create even more traffic on already heavily-used roads, Nevada Avenue in particular.  One citizen, who did not identify if he is a resident of the Old North End area, stated he is part of the group that opposed the Research Parkway bike lane project in 2016 and that his group opposes this plan as well.

Many citizens spoke in favor of the plan.  One citizen, who stated he was a former Colorado College professor and long-time resident of the Old North End, praised the plan, saying that the CC campus will be made safer for the many students who cross these streets several times per day.  Other comments praised the proposed addition of bike lanes which hope to increase connectivity and increase overall wellness of the community. 

Krager emphasized that the project is a safety project, with changes intended to create safer crossings for students on the Colorado College campus and residents in the Old North End.  She also stated federal guidelines suggest that any roadway with average traffic volumes of under 20,000 cars per day should be considered for lane reduction. Currently, all three of the streets included have traffic volumes that are significantly less than 20,000 cars per day.

What do these changes, when implemented, mean for cyclists?? In the future there will be two streets running north-south from the downtown area with bike facilities, making it easy to connect with many other parts of town through a combination of our trail and on-street infrastructure.  A bike lane on Fontanero St, which runs east-west, will provide a route to the Templeton Gap bike lane (already in place) and the Templeton Gap and Rock Island urban trails, and thus will be a gateway to neighborhoods east of the city center.  This project holds key connections in the goal to make our city safer for cycling and to increase multi-modal transportation. 


Bike Master Plan gains Parks approval; continues to move forward (yay!)

The Parks and Recreation Advisory board voted unanimously to approve the city's Bike Master Plan at their board meeting this week. 

Senior Bicycle Planner Kate Brady emphasized that the creation of on-street bike facilities would encourage future parks users to ride to recreation areas instead of driving, thus easing parking congestion at those areas (think Palmer Park or Red Rock canyon's parking lots on busy weekend afternoons).

The next step for the Bike Master Plan took place later that same morning when Brady presented the plan at the city Planning Commision's informal work session.  The Planning Commission will meet to hear further discussion, including any citizen comment, at their regular meeting next week Feb 15th at 8:30am.    

The final step will be presentation to City Council, likely next month.  

Keep up to speed with the movement on the Bike Master Plan by checking back here or going to the Bike Master Plan website 

As always, to get involved with bike projects in the area, contact


City adopts E-Bike policy for Urban Trails

This week the City of Colorado Springs adopted an official policy regarding the use of E-bikes (electric bikes) on city trails and in city parks.

Scott Abbott, from the Parks and Rec department, presented the measure to inform the Parks and Recreation Advisory board at their last meeting, and the city communications department stated they are making efforts to ensure bike shops and the public are aware of the policy.

Policies regarding the use of electric bikes on streets and trails has been somewhat ambiguous since their inception, but increasingly popularity of said bikes has led communities in Colorado to develop clearer laws.

E-bikes are classified in three ways:

Class 1 - pedal-assisted (non-throttle) bicycles which do not exceed 20mph

Class 2 - bicycles operated by use of a throttle (pedaling is not necessary) which do not exceed 20 mph

Class 3 - pedal-assisted bicycles which top out at 28 mph

Current Colorado State Law permits the use of Class 1 and 2 electric bikes on city streets in bike lanes.  

As for trail use, the city of Colorado Springs permits the use of Class 1 and Class 2 E-bikes on all of the Urban Trails (think bike paths like the Pikes Peak greenway, Shooks Run trail, Rock Island, etc)

Abbott clarified that as of this time, E-bikes are NOT permitted on any singletrack trails in our city parks. So, you'll still have to use human power to climb up Round Up trail in Red Rock canyon or Chamberlain in Stratton Open Space.

He does state, however, that there are some trails in N Cheyenne Canyon, for example, in which motorized cycles are permitted and thus, do allow use of electric mountain bikes. 

Check out more information on the use of E-Bikes and a complete list of Urban Trails included in the policy here.


Planning Commission votes Yes! for Bike Master Plan

The Colorado Spring's Bike Master Plan cleared one more hurdle enroute to gaining official city-wide status when the City's Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the plan during their regular meeting on February 15th.

Senior Bicycle Planner Kate Brady presented the plan with several citizens also speaking during the public comment opportunity to voice their support of the plan.  

Having been endorsed by several committees and gaining approval from both the Parks and Recreation board, and now the Planning Commission, the Bike Master Plan will now move to City Council for a vote.

Check out more information on the Bike Master plan and it's progress here


What does it mean to have a "Complete Street"?

During the past two sessions of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, we heard presentations on the importance of Complete Streets and what this means for bicycle infrastructure and multi-modal travel options.

By definition, a complete street would safely accommodate many modes of transportation including cars, bicycles and pedestrians.  The ultimate goal, as Jerry White from Bike Colorado Springs explained in his presentation to the ATAC committee this week, is creating a network which safely accommodates all users.

What does such an ordinance mean for bicycles? The creation of a comprehensive complete streets policy would essentially provide the necessary structure for the creation of safe bicycle infrastructure.  Such a policy would increase connectivity, corresponding to it's very definition, and would hedge out antiquated bike infrastructure without connection (think of all those sudden "bike lane ends" signs around town).  White also emphasized that such ordinances would employ all agencies to use the best design criteria for all users.  Along with such design criteria, would be clearly spelled out exceptions such as main arterial roads with high speeds, where bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure would not be warranted.

Where does Colorado Springs stand on the Complete Streets timeline?  White states that in 2005, the city adopted such an ordinace but it over the years did not develop into a more clearly defined or comprehensive policy.  

Check out more information on advocacy work and Bike Colorado Springs here

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Citizen's Transportation Advisory Board and advises on bicycle and pedestrian transportation issues. The ATAC holds a public meeting every third Tuesday of the month at 5pm at the City Administration Building (30 S. Nevada  Suite 102). 


Save the Dates - upcoming fun stuff!!

As February winds down, there is a buzz around the thoughts of upcoming warmer months and happenings going on in the community.

Here's just a few items to keep on your radar:

  • The Downtown Partnership is continuing to host it's City Center Speaker Series at Colorado College with two upcoming speakers scheduled.  Singer-songwriter Dar Williams will speak this Wednesday February 28th about her book What I Found in a Thousand Towns. On April 3rd, Charles Marohn, author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, will speak on his "neighborhoods first" approach to enhancing communities.  For more info on the City Center series, go here.

  • Kids on Bikes has opened their registration for summer bike camps.  These camps are for kids ages 3-14, and each camp is geared toward learning safety, skills, and having fun! The camps are broken down by age and abilities are are offered throughout the summer.  They fill up fast, so don't miss the opportunity to sign up your little shredder!  For info on Kids on Bikes and their camps, go here.

  • The weekly summer criterium racing series, hosted by Southern Colorado Velo will be back for another go in 2018 at the Pikes Peak International Raceway.  Check out more info as it becomes available, or to join this community cycling group go to their website SoCoVelo.


North Cheyenne Canon Master Plan Draft open house - March 6th

We all love the trails in North Cheyenne Canon - Columbine, Spring Creek, Buckhorn, Captain Jacks and others are among any mountain bike rider's top list!

Citizen input is welcome in the planning efforts for the future of this great recreational area. Over the past several months, comments from prior meetings have been collected, resulting in a draft plan that will soon be open for public view and comment.

Join in the public input process on March 6th by attending the North Cheyenne Canon Master Plan open house to see the draft plan and ask questions.  The draft then will be available for public comment until March 18th.  

The open house will be held at Cheyenne Mountain High School (1200 Cresta Road, Kiva Room) on Tuesday March 6th from 6pm-7:30pm.

Go here  for more information on the open house and the North Cheyenne Canon Master Plan.


Get Involved this Spring!

All that awesome singletrack we ride every day in the Pikes Peak region wasn't built by magic trail elves.  The trails were built and are maintained by an equally magical group of people - volunteers!  Volunteers are the backbone of many of our local cycling non-profits, and what better way to show some trail love than to give back to one of these organizations.

Medicine Wheel trail advocates will be hosting a volunteer recruitment night at Trails End Taproom (near Red Rock canyon at Hwy 24 and 31st) on the evening of March 14th.  Stop in, grab a brew and see what Medicine Wheel has in store for 2018.

Upcoming trail work days include:  March 19th (White Acres in RR canyon), April 21st (Med Wheel trail in Cheyenne Mountain State Park), and April 24th (Stephanie's trail)

For details on meeting spots for these work days, and other upcoming projects with Medicine Wheel, check out the Medicine Wheel website.

Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) does a tremendous amount of work on area trails throughout the year.  If you've gone mountain biking anywhere in the Pikes Peak region from Ute Valley to North Cheyenne Canyon to Barr trail, chances are you've seen an RMFI crew out working on the trails.  

Upcoming trail work days include: most weekend days in April (Garden of the Gods), April 21st and 22nd (Black Forest regional park), and April 21st (Palmer Park)

For more information and to sign up for a trail work day visit RMFI's website.


Bicycle Colorado Executive Director visits Colorado Springs

Bicycle Colorado, the largest statewide cycling advocacy group, took on new leadership this past winter when Pete Piccolo, and avid cyclist and former public school director, assumed the Executive Director position.

Bicycle Colorado's presence has been more evident in the Denver metro area over the years, but the group intends to expand their reach with cycling advocates in all parts of the state.  Bike Colorado Springs chairs invited Pete for a visit to the Colorado Springs area on March 16th.  During his visit he met with local leaders including the city's Director of Public Works Travis Austin and Senior Bicycle Planner Kate Brady.  Bike COS chairs took him on a short bike ride highlighting some of the city's newest bike infrastructure. We discussed at length the city's intent to increase multi-modal transportation, and the barriers impeding progress.

He also toured SRAM's facilities and visited Old Town and Criterium Bike shops. Piccolo was impressed by the enthusiasm around cycling in the Pikes Peak area but recognized the need for changes as well.  Bike Colorado Springs intend to work further with advocates from Bicycle Colorado in creating a healthier, more bicycle-loving city.

Click here for more information about Bike Colorado Springs and how you can get involved.

Check out Bicycle Colorado here for more information about their organization and statewide initiatives. 


Upcoming Events!

A few upcoming events that are noteworthy and important to cycling interests are coming up this week and next.

  • On April 3, Charles Marohn, renowned in the movement toward building healthier communities for his "Strong Towns" approach, will speak at Colorado College as part of the Downtown Partnership's City Center speaker series. The event will be start at 6pm at the Cornerstone Arts center.  Tickets are $10.

  • To inform the public more about safety improvements and transportation concerns on Nevada Avenue, the city will host an information session on April 4th at 6pm at the City Auditorium (221 E. Kiowa Street 80903)

  • And...the long-awaited journey for the Bike Master Plan reaches it's final step by appearing before City Council for vote on April 10th at the regular council meeting 1pm at City Hall.

If you cannot make the city council meeting, but want elected officials to know that you support safe and connected bicycle routes throughout our city, please email: